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Abtenau is located in the heart of the Lammertal, about 45km south of the Mozart town Salzburg City, in Salzburg land.
In spring, when the nature awakens from it's winter sleep and the warming spring sun gets the landscape to burst into bloom the lover of the nature will find his personal paradise in Abtenau. Surrounded by the magnificent mountain tops of the Tennengebirge mountains you will find a hiking paradise.
Summer-holidays - this means, finally some time to break out from day-to-day life. Leisure time becomes family time, when your holiday activities fade away the working-, school- and kindgarten-stress.
There are various possibilities for the adventurous person to enjoy different outdoor sports in the air, in the water and on ground.
Up until today traditional festivities go with the change of the seasons. The farmers autumn in Abtenau is full of tradition and customs. Old customs are uphold and passed on from generation to generation. Alternative: Winter description
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