Favourite hotels in Altaussee

Altaussee always used to seduce people - musicians, painters, authors - for a stay and come back. People who do the same, are well-advised. Die landscape enfolds its guests with chalk white peaks, mountain woods and bloomy meadows, or white surfaces full of snow. The place offers a slim blue swimming lake and donates constantly new eyecatchers: e.g. a view from the lake meadow over the water surface into the Salzkammergut to the Dachstein glacier, from the castle Pfindsberg over the village and the lake. A special boasted view arises from the sunny ski mountain Loser to the Ausseerland, over the king Dachstein to the far peaks of Großvenediger.
Altausee tastes good: A fresh char from the smoke ofen is an ideal catch for indulgers. But Altaussee also makes the other senses happy: the beautiful traditional costume and the regional folk music are a part of life here in Altaussee. The graduation facility indulges the airways with brine and fir brush-wood. Bathing, hiking, indulging, celebrating, feeling well: that is Altausee. Alternative: Winter description
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