Baden bei Wien

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Baden / Vienna: Idyl, wellness, cultur - and the whole year action !

Feel well at a highest level

The nostalgic Biedermeier city, known as high level cure-city over the boundaries of Austria, is not conventional at all. It offers for example the largest Casino of Europe, the ultramodern Roman hot spring or the famous Operette-theater. imbedded into a historical landscape of wine culture, Baden is a successful bridge between tradition and the modern trend. Peace and maintenance do not have to be contrasts.

Baden is situated only 26 km in the south of Vienna : Water: Whether the classical Badener sulfur cure in the health-center, the Roman hot-spring with Caribbean Flair or the bathing fun with the largest sand beach of Austria - Baden animates!
The cultural program offers music during the whole year. And Baden is also a congress center of Austria. Alternative: Winter description
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