Berwang is a township in the district Reutte, Tyrol. Parts of the place are Brand, Bichlbächle, Gröben, Kleinstockach, Mitteregg, Rinnen, Tal. The village is set on the slope of the summit which connects the Bewanger valley (accessible from Bichlbach) with the Rotlechtal. Kleinstockach and Bichlbächle have a rural character in the Berwanger Tal. Brand, Mitteregg and Rinnen are set in the Rotlechtal. The name of the village comes from ber (bear) and wang (meadow). The place was colonialized from Imst and was attached to Tyrol in 1266, but remaind formally a part of Imst. Up from 1430 it was subordinated to the court of Ehrenberg (near Reutte). Alternative: Winter description
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