Grafenberg bei Hartberg is situated in the East-Styrian hill lands about 6km north from the main spot Hartberg and near the Styrian-Burgenland border. The area around Grafendorf has been inhabitated since the Neolithic Age, confirmed by several findings. After the Roman and Slavic occuption the area became part of the Frankish kingdom through Charlemagne, during the end of the 8th century. Soon afterwards Eastern Styria was occupied by the Hungarians, which stopped the colonization until after the reconquest of Henry III. Grafendorf was first mentioned in 1144, as being "very famous". In 1158 the monastery Vornbach became landlord through a donation. It remained like this until the Principal Decree of the Imperial Deputation in the year 1803, then it became government property and in 1815 it was sold to an owner of a glass factory. From 1831 to 1838 the monastery Vorau was the landlord of Grafendorf, finally it became an independent township.


Altitude: 1.000–1.300m

• Total number of lifts: 3
• T-bar lifts: 3

• Total number of kilometres: 5,5km
• Blue pistes (easy): 1,5km
• Red pistes (average): 4km

Winter activities:
• Cross-country ski-trails: 30km
• Snowboarders: Fun park
• Children: Kinderpark
• Miscellaneous: Ice skating, curling Alternative: Summer description
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