Favourite hotels in Graz

Culture and enjoyment are lived in Graz, and everyone is allowed to participate in it: The old town, which has already been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and stands out from the crowd with architectural courage, is filled with music and friends of life. The capital of culture is unquestionably struggling to please, and with its wide range of cultural events, artistic performances and numerous museums, it keeps on creating it. The Murinsel and the Kunsthaus are witnesses of modernity paired with historical treasures - Graz is a courageous city that proudly bears the UNESCO City of Design award.
Costs can and should be in Graz with all your senses: The most obvious are the tasting and the smelling, because in no other city is the "delicatessen Austria" as present as here. Countless bars, coffeehouses, wine shops, inns and restaurants invite you to taste regional delicacies based on the products of the nearby Styrian Genuss regions. Alternative: Winter description
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