Haugschlag is a parish of 527 inhabitants in the district Gmünd in lower Austria. Haugschlag is the most northern township of Austria, set in the northwestern corner of the Waldviertel, directly at the Austrian Czech border. The area has 22,65 square kilometres. 65,58% are forested. Parish townships are Griesbach, Haugschlag, Rottal and Türnau. Oddly formed, legendary stone shapes can be found here. In Rottal, a district of Haugschlag, a meridian stone lies exactly where the 15th longitude crosses the 49th latitude. Further this most norther spot of Austria is a starting-point of a far distance walking paths leading to the most southern point of Austria. There is also a fingerpost showing to the directions of all capitals in Europe. Recently this area became more and more popular as an ambitious golf region. Alternative: Summer description
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