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Salzburg is unique - in every way. Anyone who delves into the magic of the world-famous city of Mozart can no longer avoid this.

The harmonious interplay of landscape and architecture, art and culture as well as tradition and modernity in the smallest of spaces make up the special charm of Salzburg. A walk through the city, framed by Mönchsberg, Festungsberg and Kapuzinerberg and divided by the river, makes history breathe and simultaneously surprises with modern insights. Salzburg's old town is rich in historical treasures. Who strolls through the many small streets finds in a confined space buildings of the Middle Ages, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque and the noble, classicist town houses of the monarchy. It is not without reason that in 1997 it was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
As small as Salzburg may seem at first glance, so extensive is the cultural offer. "The atmosphere of Salzburg is permeated with beauty, play and art ...", said Max Reinhardt. Salzburg is the birthplace of W. A. ??Mozart and the venue of "The Sound of Music". The music with its operas, concert series, festivals and musicals is in a serene affinity with the theater, literature, dance, exhibitions and local folklore events. The whole city is a stage and you will discover: who loves the arts and culture will find happiness in Salzburg. Alternative: Winter description
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