Favourite hotels in Semmering

Welcome at the "charming mountain"!

The Semmering, close to Vienna, is called the source of the austrian tourism. In the middle of the 19th century, the emperator's family and the aristocracy chose the Semmering for their holidays.

Today, Semmering offers a perfect holiday-world. Hundreds of km of walking tours, the Ghega-Railway, and other historical tours but also modern features like golf, tennis, mountainbiking and much more. Not to forget the relaxing area of Semmering, the Vital-Club Panhanswith indoor-pool, steam bath and other facilities. And in the winter , the town offers lots of skiing facilities and Semmering is known as first-mover of winter-tourism; Stuhleck is the first alpine mountain, reached by ski! (1890) Alternative: Winter description
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