St. Peter am Kammersberg

Favourite alpine huts in St. Peter am Kammersberg

The Katschtal is different. It is a rare occassion that one finds such a beautiful landscape and numerous sights at the same place. In the Katschtal you can see much! Come, see and enjoy!

St. Peter am Kammersberg - this means health from nature and living with wood. At the Styrian "Holzstraße" route you can watch work and life in the village. Make a time travel into the past. In Althofen there are the "Brechlhütte" and the "Strohmoar" mill with the charcoal kiln. In the Feistritz "Ketzelmühle" mill you can watch the miller at work. After that take a few refreshing steps in our Kneipp cure facilities and feel as if you were reborn. Out of the "Ketzenbründl" well comes the "St. Peter´s" water, a famous healing water for skin diseases.


Altitude: 850–2.118m

• Total number of lifts: 11
• Cable-cars: 2
• Chairlifts: 3
• T-bar lifts: 6

• Total number of kilmetres: 29
• Blue pistes (easy): 14km
• Red pistes (average): 7km
• Black pistes (difficult): 8km

Winter activities:
• Cross-country ski-trails: 25km
• Winter hiking trails: 25km
• Rodelbahn: 1/1,2km
• Snowboarders: Snowboard-Arena with the WM "Superpipe" and the Big Air
• Children: Dinopark, ghost train, Kreischi trampoline, Flintstone- and Fairyland
• Miscellaneous: Snowtubing, snowsoccer

Ski pass:
• Adults: 6 days EUR 144,– pp
• Children: 6 days EUR 80,50 pc

Ski school (in groups):
• Adults: 5 days about EUR 100,– pp
• Children: 5 days about EUR 100,– pp Alternative: Summer description
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