Krems, the town which has Eisentratten, Innerkrems and Kremsbrücke (the Wagental valley is here) as principal towns, is located in Carinthia. In a sunny area in southern Austria, in Liesertal (valley) to be exact. Right in the middle of the Nockbergen (mountain) and adjacent to the Hohen Tauern (mountain). Tourism has started developing gradually in the rural this area. The people here have learnt to live hand in hand with nature and can be distinguish by thier friendly, southern character. The people living here know each other well.
Even the foot travellers who come from far do to rank the Nockberge to one of the nicest spots on earth: Nature, as far as the eye can see! Well marked and signposted paths, trails and steep paths leads you directly in the nature and unveil the magnificent gentle mountain landscape to you. You can also use a GPS pad for orientation. Alternative: Winter description
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