Prag / Prague

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Prague is a magic city. The first view over the the capital stays unforgettable: the glittering water of the Moldau, the Charles-bridge and the hradschin (the castle) over the city.

Prags history takes longer than 1000 years has known - to the difference to other cities - almost no destructions. That's why all epochs are still represented. You'll have fun to lose your way in the small centrally lanes.

The golden city has known a revival with lots of attractions after the "iron curtain's" fall. With your first visit on, you'll understand why Prague sets a lifestyle that is often missed in other European metropols. The great sights invite to a fascinating walk through the centruries. Prague is the city of poets, musicians, intelectuals and "bonvivants". From Mozart to Dvorak, from Werfel to Kafka, all of them made the character of the city.

Prague is known as the "golden" city or the "city of the 100 towers" because of the multiple sights of all centuries. Alternative: Winter description
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