Prag / Prague

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The fall of the Iron Curtain has made the Golden City an irresistable destination for the hundreds of thousands of tourists that storm the city every year. Visit Prague and see for yourself! Pragues well-preserved old town has a lively atomosphere, often missing from other European captital cities. The city of a hundred towers has become a first class tourist magnet since the velvet revolution of 1989. The splendid sights invite you to take a fascinating walk through the centuries. The city of poets and intellectuals, musicians and conaisseurs and everyone, form Mozart to Dvorak, from Werfel to Kafka have helped to shape the melancholy Moldau metrople.

We recommend that you visit: Charles bridge * the old Jewish cemetery * the astrological clock on the old town hall * Hradschin (the casle) and much more. Alternative: Summer description
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