Passau (Latin: Batavia, Czech: Pasov) is a town in Niederbayern, Eastern Bavaria, Germany, known also as the Dreiflüssestadt (City of Three Rivers), because the Danube River is joined there by the Inn River from the South, and the Ilz River coming out of the Bavarian Forest to the North. An interesting fact is that the Inn is the largest river of the three meeting at the city, so that the Danube should really be called Inn from Passau on. However, at the place of the confluence of two rivers, the name is given to the one which is the longest. The Inn may be wider in Passau than the Danube; still, the name stays Danube as the latter is the longer of the two. Since all three rivers meet at the same point, it causes the rivers to flood at that point. This flood affects parts of town that are at water level, which tends to amuse tourists and non-local media, while locals have many years of experience in getting used to water. Alternative: Winter description
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