Bad Bük

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The well known Bük spa (Bükfürdö) developed into one of the most significant medicinal baths in Hungary, in the second part of the 20-th century.
The Bük spa is located near the Austrian-Hungarian border and only approx. 100 km away from Vienna. The therapeutic spa is one of the most popular thermal baths in Hungary with an international reputation and an approved health resort. The healing water is rich in minerals like calcium , magnesium and hydrogen carbonate which all have a healing effect on the musculoskeletal system, digestive- and blood circulation problems. People on holidays also come to Bük with pleasure, because of the good service offered at the hotels, the nice golf course at the Birdland and the many gulf and country clubs.The Szapáry palace is place worth visiting and seeing. The quiet Bükfördö region has marvellous park- and green areas which makes the climatic condition just excellent . Alternative: Winter description
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