Bad Hévíz

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The idyllic and mystical cure and baths location of Hévíz has a tradition stretching back 200 years. The nostalgic bathing-huts and the seats nicknamed “gossip benches” in the warm water are reminders of bygone days. Europe’s largest natural thermal lake, surrounded by lotus flowers, is one of the unique features to be found here. The lake is 4.5 hectares in size; in summer, the water’s temperature is between 32 and 38° C, cooling in winter to a pleasant 24 to 26° C.
Hévíz, which is Hungarian for “healthy water,” has two thermal cure springs, which emerge from a steeply-sloping rock crater at a depth of 38 metres in the thermal lake. The springs, whose temperatures are 38° C and 42° C, are in constant action, so that the thermal lake’s water is renewed within three days. The idyllic small city of Hévíz, only 6 km away from Lake Balaton, has got approx. 6.000 inhabitants. Alternative: Winter description
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