Favourite hotels in Budapest

Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary, it is also the geographical, economic, political and cultural center. Its position along both banks of the Danube and its architechtural beauty make Budapest of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
One particular feature of the city is the numerous spas. The city greww from the two towns on opposite sides of the river, Buda on the right bank and Pest on the left. The highest point in the city is Jánoshegy (Johannesberg) which is 529m above sea-level.
On the castle hill, you will find the most important sights (Vár-Hegy). A visit is worth it if only for the fabulous view from the Fischer bastion. In Hungary, there are 1280 public art collections, museums and galleries, more than 220 of these can be found in Budapest. What else does Budapest offer? 2 opera houses, 47 theaters, 16 concert halls, and much more. Alternative: Summer description
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