Favourite hotels in Sárvár

Sárvár is situated in Western Hungary at the road 84 between Vienna and the Lake Balaton, amidst an idyllic landscape which is full of woods and waters. The inner town of Sárvár contains the Nádasdy castle, built in the Middle Ages. The complex today arose out of the 3-floored house-tower from the 13th century and the 1-floored part of the building, which forms the northern part of the castle today. The castle was first mentioned in 1288. The last owner was the Bavarian dukes-family. Near the castle there are botanic gardens, rich of curious plants. Here the guests await centuries old plane-trees, yew trees and August oaks. Since 1952 the almost 16 hectares sized garden is protected. Apart from that there are a lot of other culture-historical monuments to be found in the town. Sárvár offers all guests who like to spend their holiday here, the ideal options for relaxing days in wellness- and cure-hotels. Next to bathing pleasure a lot of cultural, sports or other entertainment-options are offered. The attractivity of the town rises with ist cultural events, like for instance the annual folklore-festival, the wind players' festival, the Simon-Judas-exhibition, the history days etc. The motorbike-circuit Pannonia Ring, the unique sports center of this region, is just 6km away from Sárvár. Motorbike- and car-racings of professional- and amateur-level take place. Alternative: Winter description
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