Czech Republic

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Bohemian - merian variations: unaffected woodlands, elegant baths and pulsating life in the large cities. With a surface of approximately 78,000 km² and a number of inhabitants of 10 millions, the Czech republic is a bit larger than Bavaria.
The seven regions North -, East -, South -, West and Middle-Böhmen (including Prague) as well as Nord- and Suedmaehren are not naturaly grown political or cultural units. The smallness of the country and the "Pragozentrism" prevented federal structures. Only 1998 a political reorganization succeded.
Prague as the capital of the Czech republic is called the " Golden City " at the Moldau. Hundred thousands of tourists flow each year to Prague - the townscape obtains a life feeling, which is rarely found in other large cities of Europe.The splendour objects of interest invite you to a fascinating walk through the centuries.
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