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Bregenzerwald is one of the main regions in the Province of Vorarlberg, Austria. It has a river called the Bregenzer Ach. The inhabitants themselves often divide the Bregenzerwald into two main areas, Vorderwald and Hinterwald. The Vorderwald, with its hills and lower mountains, is closest to the Rhine valley. The Hinterwald has higher mountains, with altitudes of up to 2,000 meters. Each of the two parts has its own distinctive dialect variations. Geologically, the Bregenzerwald is part of the Northern Limestone Alps, specifically the northern flysch zone. The main villages in Bregenzerwald are Bezau - the regional capital -, Alberschwende, Schwarzenberg, Bizau, Mellau, Au and Egg. Most of the working population is employed in tourism and agriculture, the latter decreasing rapidly due to the broad variety of job opportunities in the Rheintal. Bregenzerwald is best known as a skiing resort, but other attractions include the "Bregenzerwälder Cheese Route" or the "Schubertiade" song festival in Schwarzenberg. The Bregenzerwald attracts those in search of unspoiled nature, old traditions and genuine hospitality. Alternative: Winter description
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