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The lake is situated in the northern part of Tyrol, 922m above sea-level. It's 9 km long, 1 km wide and 133m deep and is known as one of the most beautiful lakes of the Alps. The mountains are so enormous, that at the western bank of the lake there is no road connection to the lake.

At the eastern bank, the beautiful street was built in a rock. The water of the lake has been used since 1928 to produce electricity.
It doesn´t offer exceptional architecture or magnificent sights. The striking features of the Achensee region are its friendly people and the seemingly endless, unspoiled nature surrounding the lake.
The region also offers a huge choice of sports facilities and leisure activities, ranging from hiking tours to water sports, from leisurely excursions to absolute relaxation and wellness your hosts will provide everything you could wish for a perfectly relaxing and invigorating vacation. Alternative: Winter description
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