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If there was ever a city at one with nature and its mountain environment it is Innsbruck, and there are countless reasons for staying in the Tirolean capital or one of its 15 nearby Village Resorts.
There is, quite simply, no place in the world that compares with the Olympic Town of Innsbruck. Innsbruck is the only major city in the European Alps, and offers a combination of culture, history and nature unequaled anywhere else. Timeless beauty in the mountains – Innsbruck’s 15 Village Resorts blend in perfectly with the natural environment. They also offer visitors countless opportunities for sporting activities, recreation and relaxation.
There is more than one reason for coming to Innsbruck. In fact, there’s a multitude of them. Twice host to the Winter Olympics, it is a cultural center which has taken 800 years to evolve. A town of art treasures, worthwhile attractions and varied cultural pursuits. The love of music is reflected in a huge range of special occasions arranged throughout the year, many with an international flavor. Highlights in the annual Calendar of Events include folklore and brass music concerts, the Innsbruck Dance Summer, the Festival of Early Music and the versatile and atmospheric Innsbruck Advent Events. Alternative: Winter description
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