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The place Krems in Carinthia lies in the sunny south of Austria, in the Liesertal, with its main villages Eisentratten, Innerkrems and Kremsbrücke (here is the Wagental). Amidst the beautiful Nockberge mountains and nearby the Hohe Tauern, the tourism developed slowly in this rustically structured area. The people who live here have learned to live together with nature, and have a southern friendly character. Everybody knows each other.
Even hikers coming from far away see the Nockberge as one of the most beautiful spots on earth: Nature as far as the eye can see! Comfortably arranged ways, tracks and trails are well marked and lead directly into happiness and open the guests the soft magnificence of the mountains. People who would like to orientate in a modern way, can also use GPS. Alternative: Winter description
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