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Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Emperors and their families have resided here as well as famous cultural and historical personalities.

Vienna's reputation as art and culture center is undisputed, nearly every style is represented here. Its reputation as the world capital of classical music comes not only from the many famous composers but also the numerous pieces of excellent music associated with the city. Hardly any other city in the world has quite so many musical performances every year - between 600 and 700 take place.

Architecture from the Danube monarchy shapes the cityscape. Buildings from the Baroque or Art Nouveau periods and spacious parks still retain the flair of the romantic emperor's city.

In Vienna's traditional cafés, you can relax after one of the many sightseeing tours on offer, eat local and international specialties and read your favourite newspaper (also foreign ones). Vienna isn't all traditional though. A burgeoning modern society has grown up, offering a wide choice of bars, cafés, restaurants, discos and concerts. Vienna is a city combining a glorious past and a promising future! Alternative: Summer description
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